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  • Punching up to 24" and capable of producing up to 100,000 sheets per hour, this automatic punch is derived from the renowned Lhermite® EX610 High Speed machine.

  • It punches pre-collated printed documents with or without mixed stocks and is exclusively available with a conveyor delivery.

  • The EX600 Value will naturally come with a full range of dedicated JBI Value® punching too.


  • The EX 600 Value is available with a conveyor reception only. It will punch pre-collated printed documents with or without mixed stocks which will be re-delivered in the pre-collated sequence. 

  • It will take up to 600 mm long sheets which combined with the max punching width of 600mm allows to punch a wide variety of documents ranging from small booklets up to large size calendars. 

  • The separator beak and feeder air blower provide optimum feeding consistancy especially with mixed stocks and large format sheets. 

  • Paper can be loaded continuously without stopping the machine by the means of lightweight aluminium trays rising automatically. 

  • Byte thickness can be adjusted to take a maximum of 2.0mm according to the paper quality. 

  • Sheets are automatically aligned in both directions and there is no contact with the transport belts during the punching to ensure unmarked sheets. 

  • Tool and format changeover are easy and very fast. 

  • Conveyor reception enables to run the machine non stop which provides high output and optimum productivity / operator

EX 600 Value Automatic Punch

Download Technical Information From Here

Download Technical Information From Here

  • Taking up to 20" wide documents and capable of binding up to 1,000 books per hour, this semi automatic Wire-O® finisher is derived from the renowned Lhermite® WOB 3500 machine.

  • The JBI WOB 500 Value+ offers good VALUE for MONEY to those looking for affordable solutions to their wire binding requirements.

  • The WOB 500 Value+ is the ideal complement to the EX 600 Automatic Punching Machine.


  • The Wob 500 Value + provides outstanding productivity with output ranging from 500 to 1,000 books / hour pending on format and operator skill. 

  • The Wob 500 Value + is user-friendly . It does not require special training with all format adjustments, settings and change overs controlled by touch screen . Wire size changeovers take less than 5 minutes including spool swap. 

  • The Wob 500 Value + is versatile . It can bind all 3:1" and 2:1" pitch wire sizes from 1/4" to 1-1/4" with up to 3 skips and will take all documents with flush or oversized covers as well as tabbed sheets. 

  • The optional hanger feeder is a simple plug & play unit that inserts hangers automatically whether they are loose or reeled.

WOB 500 Value+ Semi Automatic Wire Binder
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Download Technical Information From Here

Download Technical Information From Here

Punch 3400
  • ​The latest innovation from Lhermite®, the PUNCH 3400, is a heavy duty electric table top machine suitable for all punching applications when automatic equipment is not appropriate.

  • Compact, it takes little working space.

  • Combined with the optional reception module, its unique punching, sheet ejection and stacking system in One operation provides one of the highest output 15,000 to 18,000 sheets/hour, pending on operator and nature of documents) in its range for a minimum investment.


  • Punches bites of up to 30 sheets (80gsm) regardless of punching hole pattern.

  • Punching, ejection and stacking in ONE operation with optional reception module re-delivering the punched sheets in the right order for increased productivity.

  • Fast and easy punching tool change over.

  • All punch pins can be easily disabled for custom punch patterns (all pins being the same length, no re-positioning difficulty).

  • Easy edge to hole margin adjustment.

  • Selectable operation mode (sheet presence detector or foot pedal).

  • Easy and accurate vertical sheet insertion.

  • Reversing switch for quick release of paper jams.

Download Technical Information From Here

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