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Used Kolbus Book Binding Machines


​For rounding, backing, gauzing, headbanding, backlining and casing-in book blocks into hard cases. Equipped with the Copilot system (computer with screen) for automatic format setting and operator guidance, including the book forming and pressing machine FE 2000. For the processing of flexible and PVC cases the machine can also be equipped with suction feeders. Furthermore, a large range of special equipment is available for various applications.

Book Production Line Compact 2000
Book Forming and Pressing Machine


For forming, pressing and burning-in joints of square or rounded and backed books, coupled with the book line Compact 2000 or with the EMP. When linking with the Compact 2000, setting and control are undertaken auto-matically through the Copilot.


With double suction arm for speeds up to 36 cycles per minute dependent upon the size and properties of the material to be processed. The type DAS is designed for an enlarged format range. Upon request the machine can be equipped with a board cutting device PS, also there is a device to produce quarter bound cases in one operation also optional is a stack deli-very. The machine range encompasses normal book cases, single section show cards, files, games and calendar back panels. In special design also padded and flexible 5-section book cases can be produced.

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